How Can 1300 Number Benefit My Business?

Over the last few years, business marketing has shifted dramatically. Business owners have been compelled to adapt and thrive within the new marketing strategies. Yes, the increasing competition and their innovative...

Some of the Key Misconceptions about Whitelisting Applications

Whitelisting applications is a technological option in use around the world and it has been around for an extended period of time. AWL performs its duties by doing exactly the opposite...

Why WordPress has become so popular?

WordPress is not just a CMS that is used for creating blogs, it has become much more than that. By now, almost 15 percent of the top 100 websites in the...

Pop-Ups Are Taking Over Online Lead Generation

Pop-ups are usually what appears on your screen in the process of browsing through a website and they tend to unfold mixed emotions from the viewers. The reaction factor depends on...

Getting Afraid of Technology- a study

Do you have a business online? Then it is the high time to get familiar with the latest technologies that have been introduced daily into the market. Otherwise you won’t be...

Building an Effective Threat Intelligence Alert Framework Via a Feed or API

Technology is growing so fast, and so are the threats present in the cybersecurity realm. Cybersecurity attacks are sophisticated and malicious; spotting the ones that qualify as threats can be a...
Software Developer

Write articles as a Software Developer – Basics for technical writing.

The world has been shifting to a new style of living lately. Many professionals who were once the experts in one field have now switched to a different stream altogether. And...

Choosing The Best Hosting For Your Business

Technology has made many aspects of running a business much simpler. Of course, great customer service, decent and good value products, and well-thought out marketing strategies are still required for a...

The Art OfIllustrations: Defining Styles And Types Of Illustrations

Illustrations in the simplest words are the pictorial interpretation of a certain concept or literature. It may often be humoristic or personal or even have a cartoonish look to it. It...
management in Salesforce

Features of knowledge management in Salesforce

The possibility to integrate data from multiple systems and platforms improves your experience of collaboration with regular customers. Using the service cloud knowledge base guarantees that you get detailed answers to...

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