management in Salesforce

The possibility to integrate data from multiple systems and platforms improves your experience of collaboration with regular customers. Using the service cloud knowledge base guarantees that you get detailed answers to any questions.

Combining information from different sources helps employees find the information they need almost instantly, which is reflected in the workflow. Forming a coherent set has a beneficial effect on the level of trust in your company.

What is Salesforce knowledge and how to use it

If you want to know what is Salesforce knowledge, you need to delve into the system of your company’s work. A staff that communicates frequently with their clients, prepares useful information and wants to share it with interested members of their community.

Posting the same articles on different sources isn’t effective, however, restricting access is also an unattractive idea. The use of a single base allows you to find a balance. Customers can quickly find the information they need, no matter where it is located.

The employees of your organization can used the obtained knowledge too. A set of various modules and components allows you to provide a high-quality personalized customer service. Using knowledge articles on Salesforce allows you to optimize and simplify your workflow a lot.

Key benefits of knowledge articles on Salesforce

The components of a CRM system can be easily integrated with other services without losing important data. The use of tools has a beneficial effect on marketing promotion strategies and the convenience of communication between community members.

Creating a practical database of recommendations and answers to common questions allows clients to find the information they need about your company. The first benefit of knowledge management in Salesforce is the possibility to implement a self-service system on the resources of your organization.

As for other advantages of using a single cloud storage, they include:

  1. Increased productivity. Access to data ensures that everyone can find the most accurate answers. Employees use all management components at once, so information search takes a very little time. The obtained information allows us to make a profitable offer, taking into account the requirements of your customer, who turned to your consultants for advice.
  2. Personalization of answers as best practices of knowledge management. Clients who ask a question to operators or consultants of your agency receive extremely useful information, taking into account the specifics (duration of cooperation, popular services, and much more). Drab responses to requests of consumers from different categories of your target audience are a thing of the past thanks to the formation of this single set.
  3. Optimization of workflow. Apps on official websites and platforms, as well as working with a chatbot, are prime examples of how can knowledge articles be used in Salesforce. The integration of all applications allows you to combine a set of functions and use them as efficiently as possible for each client.
  4. Diverse selection of components. For the integrated system to work, you need to connect only the functionality that will be used in the workflow. Eliminating unnecessary elements will reduce costs and ensure efficiency.

Using the benefits of a knowledge base affects the level of your customer loyalty. Consumers who are satisfied with the received information are very enthusiastic about seeking help from the company’s specialists. Saving time to find the right answer also helps you to draw attention to your organization’s activities.

Ultimately, data integration is the key to productive collaboration between an organization and its customers. Each of the participants in the process wins without any doubt, since obtaining a certain result takes a minimum of time. Personalized responses make communication easier.

These are the best practices that are used for knowledge management:

  • enhanced navigation for instructions where order and structure play a major role;
  • using the short content of the article for quick transition to the information of your interest;
  • creating useful articles in Salesforce Lightning without any knowledge limitations.

There is no universal set. Organizations can choose the components they want from a list of Salesforce communities knowledge. Support of filters, evaluation of the content’s usefulness, creation of articles and a flexible system of use represent the minimum that allows you to evaluate the benefits of integration.