Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographs are something to treasure for a lifetime. They are a lasting reminder of an important and happy new beginning, and can be passed down for generations. Deciding on a wedding photographer is a vital part of the decision making process involved in wedding preparation. There are many options available, so it is important to thoughtfully consider your photography priorities.


What type of budget do you have for our wedding, and how much of it has been delineated for photography? If you have a small budget for photography, it is perfectly acceptable to request that a friend or family member take your wedding photos. You can give this person a small amount of money, a gift card of appreciation, or maybe they will even gift their services to you as a wedding gift. By choosing this option, you can also save money by printing your own pictures via a store or online service and then putting them in an album yourself.


Regardless of whether you choose a professional or an amateur photographer, it is important to view his or her prior photography work. Different photographers have different styles, and some are drawn to more formal or more casual types of photography shots. Make sure that the images this person has shot in the past are the types of photos that you would like to have as a reminder of your big day.


What poses are important to you, and what type of time frame will be involved in capturing them? Is it important to you to have pictures of the getting ready process, or of putting on the dress? Do you prefer to have pictures of the wedding party taken prior to the wedding? Professional photographers sometimes have time caps and may charge extra fees for additional hours requested. Family members or friends may or may not be available or willing to spend the entire day recording pictures. Be sure that you have a realistic estimate of how long you would like your photographer to be available to you on the wedding day.

Equipment and Angles

Ask how much equipment your chosen photographer will need to bring, and whether they plan to remain stationary or will be mobile during your event. Whether they will be stationary or mobile, it is important to let them know the direction of traffic for the ceremony and reception so that everyone will be aware of where any tripods or equipment might be in the path of traffic. Also let them know if you prefer that they remain hidden, or off to the side during certain aspects of the ceremony, such as prayers or when the minister is speaking.

Black and White or Colour

Do you prefer your photographs to be in black and white, or in colour? Be sure to discuss this preference with your photographer ahead of time. Some photographers can even print photos that combine black and white photographs with colour accents.

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