Professional Photographers Should Ditch DSLRs and Use iPhone 6 Instead

When using their DSLRs and the Apple iPhone 6/6S; many may photographers find that their smartphone has become an indispensable creative tool. Although there are differences in quality on images taken by DSLR and iPhone, most professional photographers such as those at Lee Glasgow Wedding Photography would agree that they are not significant. Each new smartphone model comes with improvements in camera technology and some photographers may come to a conclusion that they may be done with DSLRs.

Range of Apps and Services

Like any smartphone, the Apple iPhone 6 support a wide range of creative, photography apps that allow us to do so many things, such as sharing images and videos to social media services. They find that smartphones can make them more responsive to quick changes in the environment, since it is much faster and easier to capture, collate, edit, respond and share photos. Many photographers are quite spot on in terms of social engagements and only smartphones can give them such ability on the go. The question of whether the photography quality of iPhone 6/6S is equal to 36mm DSLRs may not be an issue. What’s more important is that Apple’s current latest smartphone can provide visually stimulating and interesting photographs with proper techniques. For this reason, many photographers find themselves reaching for the iPhone 6/6S more often for quick visual documentation.

Panorama Features

The iPhone 6 comes with integrated panorama feature that allows users to stitch together many images. They can capture wide scenes in any opportunity, such as while on a hike and inside a historic building. With 36mm DSLR, photographers would need wide-angle lens and separate PC software to achieve that.

More than Mobile

The iPhone 6 is easier to carry and allows professional photographers to respond quickly to anything that looks interesting. As an example, photographers could be struck by the way light illuminates an object briefly. They will be able to take the photo unobtrusively and quickly.


The iPhone 6 can easily be updated to the latest software, providing new technology without always having to buy a new model. Aside from this, the growing popularity of iPhone repair and data recovery services being carried out across the country only leads to easier maintenance. Picking up an iPhone can be as simple as visiting a local store as opposed to a DSLR whereby a specialist shop may have to be found.

Great Close Ups

DSLRs can’t get good close-up images of nearby objects when we are taking pictures of landscape without a macro lens. The iPhone 6 could focus closer and photographers can send pictures immediately. In fact, these images may look good enough to be published in magazine and newspaper.

Compared to standard DSLR, the iPhone 6 offers endless visual creative possibilities and practical uses. In terms of photography quality, the gap between smartphones and cameras has decreased.