Magento Developer

If you are using Magento for your ecommerce site, or if you want to start using it, you will need a Magento developer. Not only do you want a programmer who knows Magento, but they should be certified, as well. Before you get started, you need to know how to find Magento developers in UK that are best suited for your needs.

What Are Your Specific Needs?

Having an ecommerce site involves two different steps. You need to have your ecommerce site designed, and you need to have it maintained. You first need to know which one you are looking for as each requires different levels of experience and skills. A designer, or front-end developer, will be focused on the appearance of your site. This includes its layout, the theme or colours, and the navigation. The back-end developer provides maintenance and also helps with databases and app creation, among other things.

Where Should You Find a Developer?

Next, you need to decide what will work best for your business. Do you want to hire a Magento developer full time? Are you looking for part time help? Maybe you want a freelancer. If you need to hire a Magento developer for a project, a noteworthy website is Developer Connection. It is a great place that can help you find Magento developers in UK.

How to Hire a Developer

Once you find programmers to interview, take a minute to look at their credentials and reviews. Learn how much experience they have. Are they current and keeping up-to-date with the latest developments? A good Magento developer should have a portfolio with examples of his or her work, and you should look at it to see if it is what you are looking for.

Make sure that you ask your candidates about their availability and communication. You want to hire a developer who is available and reliable. In addition, you need to communicate what your project is, as well as your expectations. Another good idea is to offer a paid “test” project. This gives you an opportunity to see how your candidate handles a practice project for you.

When you are trying to find Magento developers in UK, you need to be organised and patient. Be sure to conduct your interview as you would for any other project, and ask for references and samples of past work. Thankfully, Developer Connection is a marketplace where only reliable and skilled Magento developers list their services.