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Are you having an eCommerce website or running an online business on the internet? You need a reliable server with more configurations, disk space, and the bandwidth. Thus, is this case, you need to opt for dedicated servers. These are bare metal servers with no resources sharing with other hosting account users. Thus, when it comes to affordability, MilesWeb’s Linux dedicated server  seems the prominent option.

For your basic information, MilesWeb is the Indian leading dedicated hosting provider offering top-notch dedicated windows servers with a higher bandwidth, SSD disk space and compelling features. Many modern and enterprise-level websites host their websites and applications hassle-free. Buy MilesWeb’s enterprise-class cpanel dedicated servers in India and scale your online business with the maximum availability and top-notch security.

However, you do have to look for cheap dedicated web hosting options because many service providers are offering an expensive deal for website owners. Do you also want to host your enterprise grade websites on dedicated servers? Look for affordable dedicated hosting price.

This guide will highlight about what all things how you can get cheap dedicated web hosting servers? Get a smart strategy of the same in the blog. Keep reading.

How does a dedicated server work?

A dedicated server is a physical server with no resources sharing. It means noisy neighbors cannot get access to dedicated server resources of your hosting account. Therefore, resource-heavy web files like media, business applications and high-traffic websites are hosted with the help of dedicated servers. Also, website owners need not to worry about the slowdown or website’s inefficiency because no other account user is getting dedicated server resources.

These USPs only make the dedicated server an expensive deal for website owners. But such costs are bearable or affordable in comparison to data security loopholes.  In addition, a dedicated server hosting company must provide features and the infrastructure to host your website on a dedicated server. If you are planning to host an online store website, then it is advisable to use separate hosting servers rather than using shared server hosting.

The Benefit of Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting service providers give top-notch dedicated servers with the full-root control over the hosting infrastructure. So, hosting account users can access the content from geographical location worldwide.

Moreover, the dedicated hosting server is managed by you if you purchase unmanaged dedicated hosting servers. So, all technical aspects of the web hosting operation is on your shoulder and you will be responsible if there are technical errors occurred in the dedicated server.

All in all, get a full root control over your server, manage and host your business web projects with a reliable web hosting infrastructure through dedicated web hosting services.

But as we have mentioned above, you need to pay the price for its quality. So, finding the cheapest dedicated web hosting server sometimes turn out to be a daunting task. Hence, follow the given tips below and get the cheapest dedicated hosting server for your online business.

Tips to Get Cheap Dedicated Hosting Services

1. Prefer Linux dedicated servers

If you evaluate dedicated hosting plans of web hosting companies, you will find that they offer affordable Linux dedicated hosting services. MilesWeb is one of them where Linux dedicated hosting plans start at Rs. 6999 per month. If you compare them with Windows dedicated servers, Linux will be comparatively lower. So, if you have a tight budget and want to host resource-heavy web projects, Linux dedicated servers are the perfect option to prefer.

With MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting plans, you are getting amazing dedicated hosting infrastructure with features like control panel, SSL certifications and much more. It means, you are getting add-ons at no additional cost.

2. Choose Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting Plans

The very perfect way to get the cheapest dedicated server is preferring unmanaged dedicated hosting plans. As the server management part is on your shoulder, web hosting companies cannot charge you a hefty amount. Whereas, costs of dedicated hosting servers spike due to IT support that web hosting companies offer.

MilesWeb is the perfect dedicated hosting service provider because they offer unmanaged and managed hosting services. The choice is yours which one you have to opt for?

3. Hardware Specs

What kind of hardware specifications are you looking for? Just because of low-priced plans it does not mean all your hardware related parameters are met. Many web hosting companies charge higher costs despite of lower hardware specifications. Hence, choose reliable web hosting companies like MilesWeb that brings affordable dedicated hosting plans.

Closing Line

The cheapest dedicated hosting server should be in your to-do list. However, do not compromise on technical infrastructure. Pick the right dedicated hosting partner like MilesWeb and scale your online business. Secure all business related information on the server with free SSL certifications and control panels like cPanel and Plesk.