IT And Other Technologies Used To Car Accidents

In US, deaths due to car accidents hovers around 38000 casualties per year. 10% of these occur due to distraction during driving. Also the majority of rest of the crashes happened on account of human errors. Atlanta, Georgia is one of the cities where there are cases of frequent car accidents off let. In this circumstances Vehicle Safety Technology (VST) features installed in a car has become one of the major criteria before buying. NHTSA, the government funded road safety agency took significant interest in developing technologies for automobile safety. The organization is actively involved in research and development of various technologies of this kind. Their research includes automatic emergency system, lighting technologies etc. Researchers even have developed techniques to handle drowsiness of the drivers. The use of filter light is the primary technique to go about it.

IT and electronics in car security

The current research is aimed to establish Mobile Ad-Hoc Vehicular Network (VANET). Researchers thought the world are working developing device to device communication so that manual switching of security system gets avoided. With the advent of networking protocols and development in Internet of Things (IoT), vehicular technologies are getting revamped. The research and developments also involve:

  • Using of Radio Frequency Applications (RFID)
  • Program development for V2V communication interface
  • Cyber security for smart cars
  • AI tools

Technologies involved other than ITs

The way autopilot controls an aircraft, automobile industry is also looking forward to automation in their security solution. Not only electronics and IT technologies, even polymer scientists are working on manufacture of smart rubbers. It will help the rubber wheels with better grip without losing the effectiveness. This will certainly help minimizing accidents. Rubber technology is a specified domain for research related to this. Technologies are all over the equipments and bodies also. High end luxury cars are made of alloys with blends of aluminum, steel and carbon fiber. This gives the car core strength. And this material is most likely to withstand fatal accidents. But it is expensive. Mid budget cars use materials like thermoplastic if not steel. In a city like Atlanta, people are seen using cars from all budget categories. So implementation of technology must not limit to high end cars only.

After the worse, it is about the law

No technology can ensure the ultimate safety unless it has been handled properly. The mentioned technologies are there to prevent the worst. But when accidents happen the aftermath is onto the victim. To make life easier, there are accident lawyers. The role of such lawyers is to understand the personal, monetary, and legal burdens related to a car accident. Atlanta car accident attorney is well accustomed with the laws of Georgia. The attorney tries to ensure maximum compensation. It is also on them to provide the best value possible from the medical insurance of the victim. The victim can go about the claim personally also. But they might not get the best value for everything. Attorneys also save time of the client, by their experience in handling accident claims. With technology and law, drivers and car owners will have more confidence with their domain of work.