WordPress is not just a CMS that is used for creating blogs, it has become much more than that. By now, almost 15 percent of the top 100 websites in the world are created in WordPress.  A lot of people who are new to this CMS don’t know the benefits of WordPress yet. It is an easy to use platform that lets you publish, edit, organize, modify, delete and then maintain content from a single interface.

Wondering why WordPress is so popular? Here are some common reasons why:

It is open source and free

One of the biggest contributors to the success of WordPress is that it is open source and free. You can easily find, edit and organize your content. WordPress is not created by a single person.  There are hundreds of people who contribute to making this CMS so great. They keep on adding new features, themes and plugins to make it easier for people to use it.

Great variety of plugins

There is a huge variety of plugins to choose from. These plugins are meant for adding slideshows, photos, create forms, SEO, ecommerce, security and more. The best part is every other day, a new plugin is created so you will have endless possibilities to make your WordPress website functional.


How can we forget the WordPress themes? There are paid themes and free themes and by just a simple click of a button, they make it possible for you to build your very own website.  Even if you don’t have any experience with website designing, you can create a professional looking and fully functional website in a matter of time. How great is that?

It is simple and easy to use

WordPress is extremely simple. Once you get a hang of how things work, you can customize the website as your taste. So, don’t worry, you can still create a masterpiece if you don’t know much about HTML or CSS. Before you even know it, you will feel like a professional.

It is responsive

Another great feature of WordPress is that it is responsive so it can fit on any device. Your website will adapt itself according to the size of the screen.  It is not just the website that is going to be responsive, even the admin panel is responsive which means it can work well on any device. Even if you are on the go, you can control your website from your Smartphone or tablet, there is no need to open your computer.

It is SEO friendly

WordPress is highly SEO friendly. It has been designed in a way that it accommodates all search engines. Plus, there are plenty of plugins that you can use to craft the content on your website that is SEO optimized.

Since it is so functional and versatile, why not create your next website in WordPress? There is even a huge support community available to offer you help with your concerns regarding WordPress. It surely fits the needs of most of the websites of the modern world today.