There are plenty of applications in the present time that are amazing and heart winning.  You can find a great rush in every genre. Talking specifically about videos, there are video oriented applications that are good for users. But again, there are many users who complain that they don’t have a platform that gets those endless videos to watch and download and that too without any complexity.

Is there really an application that is easy and excellent?

Yes, Vidmate is the answer. It is the application that gives you an access to endless videos. The users can watch their entire favourite and any type of videos on this platform. The good part is that the application has all the videos in good quality and different resolutions. Whether the users have to watch the video or download in HD resolution or any other one, they can do that with ease.

The ease is the key point

Yes, now, this application is considered to be the best option for everyone. Talking specifically about old people they find it really challenging to operate application. They find them so complicated and confusing.  If you have grandparents or parents who love to watch videos but find it really tedious and torturing to operate applications then you must go for this application. This platform is easy to use and the navigation is absolutely convenient.

The good part is that the interface of the application is really user friendly and absolutely easy to use.  The users can search the videos of their choice easily and without any discomfort. Moreover, there would be no type of difficulty at all. Everything in this application is given in proper categories and the search menu gives the easy access to the videos. Moreover, since the application or platform is tastefully developed, the users face no challenge to find what they want.

No buffering

Being youngsters you understand that buffering is a part of video watching experience. Butyou sometimes cannot make your older people understand this thing.  They would always nag about the application to you if it buffers. If you want that your beloved oldies get the best experience that too a buffering free one then you must install this application in their mobile.  They would definitely find a quick speed and better results out of this application.

The cool thing about this platform is that the application matches the fastest speed of your internet connection. In this way the top most speed that is catered by your internet connection can be enjoyed by you.

Downloading is easy

Yes, you heard it right. There are no additional tasks to download the video you like. If there is one video that you like then you just have to choose the option of download and it would begin to download. Moreover, you can easily choose the format option you want the video to get downloaded in. in this way even if your grandpa’s mobile supports only one format he can easily get the video in the specific format that his mobile supports.


So, the first thing you do now is install this application in the android phone of your elderly loved ones and give them the best video experience.