What is vidmate?

Vidmate is a popular application cum website using which you can download your favourite videos from YouTube or any other site to watch or rewatch them later according to your convenience. It became very popular since it is freely available and can be used across a wide range of platforms.

How to install vidmate for android device?

The application is not available in the official Android store. So, you can download vidmate from their official website or from 9apps and once you have downloaded the app proceed to install. While installing you will be provided with a warning since this app is a third-party application. Change the settings menu to allow installation of a third party application. Click on ok to complete the installation. That’s it, vidmate is ready to be used in your Android device.

How to install vidmate for iOS devices?

The iOS installation of vidmate is very similar to that of android as vidmate is not available in the official Apple store and you need to download it from external sources so you need to change the settings to allow installation from third party sources. Just search for Vidmate install to know about more details behind this.

How to download and install vidmate for windows platform?

Downloading vidmate for windows platform is slightly tricky. You first need to download and install the Nox player. Once you have done that then visit the vidmate website and download vidmate for windows PC. Then you can easily install and open vidmate videos via Nox player.  The vidmate videos are not supported on any other player. This is the main disadvantage of the windows version of the application. However, the Nox player is equally good and easy to use as any other player.

Is vidmate safe to install?

Vidmate is absolutely free from any kind of virus or any other malware in itself. However, users have reported instances where they claim that the vidmate app has introduced a virus into their system. This is due to the website from where they downloaded vidmate and has nothing to do with the app. So, make sure that when you install vidmate it is from the 9apps store or the vidmate website. Then it would be absolutely safe for your device if you are using vidmate.

Is vidmate available freely across all platforms?

Yes, vidmate is freely available across several platforms like android, iOS, windows, Mac and some others. So, you can give a try to this application to know how advantageous it would be for you.

Is vidmate recommended?

If you can download videos for free in your desired quality then what’s the harm in it! Vidmate is an excellent app for this purpose and you can give it a try. If you are travelling somewhere and won’t be having internet for the next few hours then just download your favourite videos via vidmate and then you can enjoy them across your journey for free.