website design

Time and again you might have wondered why some businesses are so well off than their competitive counterparts? Well, they do not have a magic lamp that is assisting them in completing their business objectives. As per leading companies that provide website design and development services, in order to increase:

  • Conversions rates
  • Generate more sales
  • Increase overall revenue
  • Gain more leads and
  • Be the most sought after companies in the digital market, you need to take certain steps.

Another key piece of information provided by a company that provides website design Perth services is to focus not only on SMM, SEO, SEM, SMO and Content Marketing for your business but also on the content of your official website and its overall structure.

Read the following sections with all your attention in order to have a basic idea about how you can structure your website for maximum sales and conversions:

Take calculated steps while structuring the landing page of your website

The primary reason for people leaving your website without even clicking on to the services page of the same is their failure to understand the value your business is capable of providing them in the long run. On top of that, the absence of genuine information that provides an insight into your business leads to website abandonment since the visitor doesn’t trust your business enough to take the next step.

Be sure you abide by the following tips while structuring the landing page of your official website:

  • The landing page headlines and the content should be written in a lucid language. It should be written in a manner that sparks curiosity in the minds of the readers and compels them to stay on the website.
  • It is always beneficial for your business if you could include authentic customer testimonials in your landing page. Customer testimonials add traction to the marketing message on your website.

Ensure that the “about us” page has a human touch to it

Avoid generic information and oh-so-ordinary language in this particular section. Read through the following tips for a clear idea:

  • Be sure that you are introducing your company to the audience the same way you would in a face-to-face conversation with a person. This will add credibility to your words and the message you are trying so hard to convey will be delivered in the right manner
  • Include your brand’s story – it will allow you to build a deeper emotional connection with your TA
  • Showcase yourself and the members in your workforce – Accompany the pictures with small yet catchy write-ups for maximised effects.

Your products/services page should be attractive

Whether you are selling tangible products or providing services to your customers, the products/services page should be capable of convincing your TA that your business prioritises the needs of its clients over its own. Be sure that the content you provide here is compelling and riddled with critical information about the products/services. You would have an average of five seconds to impress your visitors. Make it count!

It is evident that a customer based website design that is very high on UX factor is a must for a business website to help the same enjoy more leads and conversions. At the same time, one should follow the tips mentioned in this post while they are formulating and structuring the content for their website. It is the only tried and tested the way you can turn every visit and click to a potential customer.