Web developers are mainly responsible for the redesign and establishment of websites that are already fully functional using. They use codes to make the websites unique in layout and design, based strictly on the client’s instruction. Apart from building to beat the company’s taste, web developers also have their job cut out in improving the user’s experience and functionality. Additionally, a web developer has to be very competent in computer programming and graphic design.

The usual norm in the professional circuit of web development is for developers to be hired, although their services are continuous, considering the fact that once the site gets created, the web developer is left with maintaining and improving on the website, following trends for as long as the website exists.

Owing to all that has been explained above, we can now easily classify the duties of a web developer into planning, testing, delivering and maintenance of a website over different web applications and other platforms. This simply signifies that the job of a web developer would cover important aspects like ability to create websites, using standard HTML/CSS protocols.

Being able to comprehend and work with website designers and developers for the production of a great, practical and functional website is another key for the success of a web developer.

Developers need to have at least basic communication skills since their job requires that they are mostly on the line trying to smoothly communicate with different players in the industry who may be looking to update their websites with contents that are relating to their business.

Looking at it from a wider perspective however, it will be important for web developers to have the competency required to establish clear objective of things they can handle within a particular time frame. This can easily be compared to project management, where a developer is charged with conducting researches into various software programs as well as documentation of software.

The Web Developer is also charged with the responsibility of coming up with a contingency plan that will be effective in case of a website crash.

There’s a lot of tasks to be done as far as web development is concerned from website maintenance to upgrades, enhancements and even assisting with SEO after the website has been built; all these may require developers to properly understand team management.

It is true that no compulsory formal education is required to become a web developer, however aspiring web developers must understand that there are quite a number of standard requirements and qualifications that they must posses to become successful in the field. Some of these qualifications include:

JavaScript, HTML/XHTML, knowledge of Server Architecture Concepts, CSS, Experience in engaging PHP, ASP.NET and Java, which are all server-side frameworks. They also need to have experience in the control of SQL database systems.

It is also worth mentioning that a Bachelor’s degree certificate in Computer Science may also be required from developers that are seeking to get full Tim jobs as in-house web developers, however, the possession of other qualities like good knowledge of SEO techniques, coding experience, multitasking ability, and good communication skills will stand a developer out for employment at all times.

We’ve talked a lot above about requirements that web developers should know and have as proof of their competence. A few firms may choose to hire an in-house web developer, but it’s often better for firms to look at the option of freelance, since it is a more cost efficient option.