Technology has made many aspects of running a business much simpler. Of course, great customer service, decent and good value products, and well-thought out marketing strategies are still required for a business to survive. But, business management solutions and the internet has automated or simplified some of the most common day to day tasks; sales and till calculations are automatically handled with a simple scanner while keeping in touch with customers can be done for free at the click of a few buttons.

Even small businesses can benefit from comprehensive business management solutions given the realistic chances of them providing a return on investment. They can help with marketing strategies, provide upselling and cross-selling opportunities at the point of sale, and they can intelligently manage warehouse stock to prevent overspending.

If you’re already utilising business management software or you’re considering the investment, you probably are, or should be, looking for a dedicated server to minimise any risks to your business with regards to hardware. Below you’ll find a few factors you should take into consideration when picking a provider.

What Are They Offering?

Like all modern technological offerings, there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a package. There are different bandwidths, memory, storage and processor options to choose from and if you’re going to get the best package for your money, you need to pick what’s the best fit for your business. That means you need to choose a company who will give you honest but expert advice, talk you through what you need to know, and offer you a fair deal.

Is the Support Service High Quality?

Getting a great package is only one factor to consider; you also need to think about the help that will be accessible to you once you’re up and running. Most households do not need to purchase a dedicated server, so you’re less likely to find a community online to seek advice from; you’ll need the provider on hand themselves when you’re in a difficult situation. You shouldn’t be expecting problems happening on a regular basis if the product has been supplied by real experts, but all high-tech products can sometimes run into problems. These usually aren’t big and can be solved quickly, which is why you need the provider’s availability to be guaranteed.

What Else is Included?

Server technology is moving at a rapid pace and, as such, upgrades become available relatively regularly. Not to suggest that what you purchase now will be outdated in a few weeks, but in a year’s time the hardware could have vastly improved. Reputable providers will upgrade your system annually, often free, and should be offering a good maintenance service. Do you want to store your own servers on site or would you rather them be looked after by the provider remotely? It’s likely the latter will offer the opportunity to take advantage of high specification technology, but you’ll need to ensure that the provider can guarantee their safety and maintain them to the highest standards.