Search Engine Optimization

Once upon a time the sole focus of businesses looking to build a presence on the World Wide Web was search engine optimization (SEO). People invested heavily in search engine optimization agencies that promised to lift their pages to the top of search engine results pages (SERPS).

Why isn’t SEO Enough?

While it’s great to be on top, there’s a big problem with devoting all of your efforts into making it to the top. It doesn’t matter if you’re on top or not if you’re not getting traffic that converts into paying customers from those efforts. Many SEO companies bring you to the top for the keywords that no one is searching for or that are used by people who are kicking the tires and not the people who are primed, pumped, and reaching for their wallets. It’s a HUGE difference.

That is where EQ Works comes into the picture by doing so much more than most search engine optimization agencies can accomplish without outside resources. EQ Works is a full service digital marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses get real results for their online marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Alone Doesn’t Equal Marketing Success

The purpose of SEO is to make it to the top of the search engine results pages. What you do not necessarily get when targeting the top of search engine results for key words is a specific target audience. You can’t tell the level of the audience in the buying cycle.

When you work with a full service digital marketing agency, you get the benefit of SEO with so much more. EQ Works is dedicated to helping businesses establish and achieve specific goals for their businesses.

The goals range in complexity and value from one business to the next. They include a wide range of services that include things like: new customer acquisition, conversions into sales, and consumer engagement. In other words, marketing success involves focusing on profit-oriented results for your business.

SEO vs. Real Time Bidding

Using a real time bidding platform provides businesses with far greater power over their advertising budget. This is because you control the bid amounts on the go and can adjust, alter, or stop bids instantly if you’re not getting the results you want from your bid actions. EQ Works, Inc. provides clients with unique access to their demand side platform advertising tool so that they can get metrics instantly to determine whether or not a campaign or action is effective and shut it down instantly.

It can take several months of ineffective advertising to even determine whether an SEO campaign is effective or not. That is months of wasted time, effort, and advertising money.

EQ Works saves businesses this wasted time, money, and effort by working with them to create effective and profitable marketing campaigns designed to get real results real fast. If worse comes to worse, changes can be made quickly and efficiently so that precious hours and dollars aren’t wasted on ineffective campaigns. This translates into more money in your pocket and, when combined with effective targeting, a more responsive audience.