Gaming Industry

The games industry is changing and expanding very rapidly. Today, there is a rising number of dedicated courses and degrees that are being offered at college and university levels. Together with the low entry barriers offered by casual, mobile, online, mobile and social games, today more people are coming to the realization that it is possible develop and even publish games directly.

The Industry Problem

It’s quite easy to underplay the issues and challenges that face the gaming sector itself. It may be convenient to assume that people who are engaged in the gaming industry are receiving the needed training or that the industry is relatively young; that the challenges will over time sort themselves out.

The games sector is generally an area suffering from sizeable levels of research. This is a sector that is not known for its people-focused or professional approach. Rather the focus is directed towards creative and technical skills which are needed by the industry.

Despite the rising accessibility of tools which are putting the creation of games into the hands of very young and creative people, notwithstanding the rising levels of awareness which makes gaming to be a great and very rewarding career, the industry is not receiving the broad and diversified eclectic workforce it ideally requires.

Available Degrees Courses on Gaming

As a Game Developer, there are really no limits to what you can achieve or create. You can devise characters and beautiful environments, and make use of such assets to generate immersive game experiences to be shared with lots of people. This can happen in a sector that is already big and even becoming bigger than the movie and music sectors combined.

If you are really serious or concerned about improving your prospects and fast-tracking your career in this global multi-billion dollar industry, then you may desire to acquire some professional training that is specific to the industry.

Gaming Industry

Bachelor of Arts in Game Development

Today, there are courses like the Bachelor of Arts in Game Development that are industry dedicated. This is a game development degree program designed to truly reflect the environment of the game environment and industry.

Some of the Program Highlights Include:

  • The degree has been designed to directly respond to the demand by the industry for people who have the passion for making and playing games as well as skills at solving creative problems.
  • Strong and appropriate links with the gaming industry accords the learners access to the latest technologies in the sector, professional mentors, and VIP guest speakers.
  • Faculty members who are accomplished in the gaming field to ensure the learners are getting the needed technical skill set as well as production experience as the industry demands.
  • In some programs, for instance, NewSchool’s Game Art Program, students get to undertake a major game project during their final year of study.

The skills taught during the period of learning assists you to traverse multiple industries in case you desire to pursue your gaming interests. With this kind of portfolio, skills and experience, you’ll be having the crucial skills required to make your entry into the gaming industry.

The Bachelor of Arts in Game Development program has been developed to meet the growing and high demand for game employees who have the necessary skills to design and produce all game development aspects.

Bottom Line

Today, the games industry is no longer an isolated little industry in a corner like it was previously. The entire creative world needs the creativity, skills and experience offered by the gaming sector in terms of generating fresh modes of entertainment. The interest levels coming from the other sectors are witnessing tremendous growth in recent years. When viewed in light of the ongoing evolution taking place within the games industry itself, it becomes evident that new ways of working need to be developed that are truly cutting edge.