Movie magic takes on such a powerful dimension because of the tremendous

work of media designers, animators, graphic designers and visual effects technicians. There are very few careers that offer such sumptuous satisfaction as a media designer. It therefore makes a lot of sense for people to look at cutting-edge media design programs and schools to take their interest forward.

How to choose the right kind of school?

The easiest thing that you can do is to visit the websites of different media design schools and figure out which one offers the most comprehensive education possible. For instance, if you were to visit the website of New School, then you will see that NewSchool’s Media Design Program is all encompassing and:

  • You get an educational program that is run in collaboration with Media Design School
  • Creativity and technology come together and are nurtured
  • Career options exist in fields such as web designing, animation, gaming, visual communications, graphics and so on
  • There is a wonderful balance between theory and practice and
  • There’s a lot of focus on having the right equipment to do your job as well.

Look for qualifications

It would be a very good idea for you to look for a school that offers you qualified faculty. Such qualifications could come from various sources including approval by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority which certifies design schools. It would also be useful for you to look for programs and faculty that can foster your special or specific interests. For instance, if you are extremely interested in game art, then the design schools should have the necessary support structure for the same. Of course, an education programs should also allow you to explore the various options before you settle on a particular career path that you want to follow.

Various levels of education

As far as the multimedia industry goes, the entry level education is a bachelor’s degree. And according to statistics, the median pay in the year 2012 was $61,370 per year. However, with the right kind of degree from the right kind of school and the opportunity to go through best in class on the job training, you can enjoy fabulous growth rates while you are working with a team or with a well-established media design company.

The world of media design is extremely dynamic and is constantly changing in terms of technology and the ‘tools of the trade’. It therefore becomes important for you to update not only your knowledge but also your work experience consistently.