Shopping Insights

87% of consumers do an online product research but 92% of them make a purchase from an offline store. Since Google is the most used search engine in the world, it has launched a tool namely ‘Shopping Insights’ to help shoppers and retailers connect easily.

How does Shopping Insights works?

There is always some kind of problem in demand and supply, sometimes required products go out of stock while managing a large inventory is also a problem. Shopping Insights helps retailers to find out most sought after products in their cities so that they can plan out accordingly. It is convenient for shoppers as well, people can easily locate a product seller in their vicinity. This tool is extremely useful for retailers especially during festivals. Combined by correct marketing strategy and inputs of Shopping Insights can multiply sales of your product. So the function of shopping Insights is to connect buyers with seller, presently it is available in U.S. only.

How To Use Shopping Insights?

This tool collect and store data from both desktop and mobile devices and categorize it in various forms. When you search with a product name US map comes up with demand places in highlight. This gives you an idea that a particular product is in demand at certain place, if you have a physical store over there you can target customers though marketing and promotion, in case of online store local SEO and location targeted ads can help.

Shopping Insights also shows the number of product searches on Google over a period of time. It helps retailers in determining which products grows in demand during a particular time. In below picture I have search Shopping Insights with “Eyeglasses” Term and it has rendered following result.

Shopping Insights

Benefits of Shopping Insights

Google keeps observing consumer behaviour and emerging trends and comes up with an actionable solutions. It has many useful resources for businesses like Google Trends, Analytics, Think with Google and many more. Shopping insight is a great tool for local store and small businesses, it has numerous benefits, some of them are mentioned below.

Updation on Current Shopping Trend

It is very important for a business to keep pace with latest trends and fashion. Big companies do various survey and research work to find out the requirements of their target customer and develop new product accordingly. Shopping Insight provides you information on which product is in demand at a particular time and location so that you shop don’t go out of stock when customers ask for a product. If you store only those products which are in demand, inventory of your shop will be reduced.

Detailed Analysis of Product in Demand

As you can see in the above picture that Shopping Insight displays complete information of a searched product. It shows the places where a specific product is required as per the search and those areas are highlighted with blue color. You can see below month wise chart showing number of searches for a product during each month.

A boon for Small Businesses –

Small businesses generally don’t invest too much on research and marketing because of budget restrictions. Shopping Insights is a free tool for research and analysis so a business can improve its performance without any cost. Since Google is the most used search engine you can find the data of almost every product under the sun.

Every services of Google becomes popular very soon. shopping Insights is the future trend of E-Commerce industry. It has started well and would see a big growth in coming years. At present this tool provides data of US only but in future Google will add more information and features in it.


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