Whitelisting applications is a technological option in use around the world and it has been around for an extended period of time. AWL performs its duties by doing exactly the opposite of blacklisting and you are likely to have heard of the latter multiple times. Antivirus products utilise blacklisting as a line of defence against malware and malicious intruders, effectively blocking any and all known viruses from touching your system.

As you use blacklisting, you check each new file to ensure that there are no hidden malicious codes. If any files on a system are found to be malicious, they are blocked from executing and can thus not carry out any damage to your system. With whitelisting, you tell the system which files you trust, effectively creating a list of highly specific files that may be run without interruption on your computer. If any files not on that list were to attempt to run, the whitelisting program would stop them.


Although application whitelisting is thus more secure than blacklisting, it is not as widely utilised as the blacklisting option. This is due to the fact that, while it can occasionally make a mistake and allow a malicious file to run, blacklisting will never obstruct you from using your system as you intend. That said, if you utilise a reliable and comprehensive whitelisting service, it should be easy to use your system exactly the way you want it used while remaining more secure than with blacklisting alone.


One common misconception is that companies do not need whitelisting for applications because Windows and UNIX already offer the technology with their devices. However, the problem with using these tools alone is that it is exceptionally difficult to manage and use these programs. On a system operating with hundreds of thousands of files at any given time, manually managing the list could cause more trouble than it is worth. Instead, you can take the complexity away by outsourcing for more reliable and tailored whitelisting services.


While you will be required to manage what you do and not want on the whitelist, the best companies offering it make it extremely user-friendly and simple to use. New and improved options have made it easier than ever before to manage your whitelisting, cutting down a task that once took hours to mere minutes. A properly-designed system offered by a reliable company should not only help you save time but also your money.


One of the best benefits of this type of protection is that it is highly cost-effective and a great way for companies with tight budgets to remain protected. As a company, any money saved can be used to increase success for your company over time and this service will save you money not only by being low-cost but also by protecting your assets. Just as you would want to put a fence on your property to avoid burglary, whitelisting can fill in the holes left by blacklisting and make it possible for you to protect your business from the inside out.