WordPress Hosting Provider

Choosing the best service provider for WordPress Hosting is the crucial decisions for WordPress owners. Today, you will come across with different hosting options for your WordPress blog and website. From affordable shared hosting services to expensive dedicated hosting services to self hosting, there are many options to meet your end needs. Besides, the capacity limits, practices and features of each hosting option have direct influence on the availability, performance and security of the WordPress site. Most of the WordPress Hosting Providers today render complete hosted environment which are mentioned below.

CPU Limits

This is the first thing which you need to look at while hiring the services of a hosting provider. The kind of CPU limitation included in the plan is necessary to check. Moreover, the shared hosting service is affordable and with this you buys a fraction of computing power on the server and hence it is necessary that you know how much of the server you are allowed to use. In the shared hoisting, you only get a limit to use the CPU and there is also time limitation to use the server. So, you need to ensure that the CPU capacity and the time limitation is higher while opting for WordPress Hosting plan. It matters a lot when the influx of traffic increases.

SSH/sFTP Availability

If you are running a WordPress site, then you might be aware that you need to visit the site often to upload and change flies on the hosting account or web server. So, it is necessary for you to use only secure connection which is encrypted with either SSH or sFTP. The WordPress Hosting provider must offer you secure access to the hosting account whenever required. Accessing the server with the age-old FTP would open doors for significant security breach because the details sent over the internet are plain text and it uses no sFTP or SSH encryption for security and it is at higher risk.

TLS or SSL Encryption

TLS and the predecessor SSL encryption is the technology that is mainly used in technological world to provide ultimate encrypted communication between visitors and the WordPress server. All the WordPress sites are today encrypted with TLS and you will see this when the site starts with https instead of http. So, ensure that you run an https site which is necessary for security. The WordPress login page and the pages that comprise sensitive details from the users must be encrypted with the TLS encryption. There are WordPress Hosting plans that charge the clients additionally for this capability.

Support Services

In the event where your WordPress site is hacked or at risk of security breach, you need to react promptly and for this you would require 24/7 support services from the WordPress Hosting provider. So, ensure purchasing hosting plan from the company that are having dedicated team of professionals and tech support team that are ready to help and support the clients in recovering from the hack quality to retain their good images in the eyes of their visitors.