When you are considering careers that offer lucrative pay packages, a number of people might not consider the automotive industry. However, there are some careers in this industry that do pay well, especially considering the fact that there is a lot of innovation and development currently ongoing in the automotive market. Auto careers can range from building a prototype for a new car to driving race cars. You can choose to work on traditional cars, which involves coming up with new ways to make them run better or you can also be a part of groundbreaking work in the growing self-driving car industry.

Depending on the specialty to go for and the education you have, working in the automotive industry can bring you a good salary. Some of the high paying careers that you can go for are:

  • Body and Related Repairs

Of all the car repair technicians, the highest paid people are those who are skilled in body repair. As compared to tire repair and development, glass repair, electronic equipment repair and installation, the highest wages are paid to body repair workers. Those who work for the government or car manufacturers are able to earn even better.

  • Auto Racing

Another lucrative career in the automotive industry is car racing. Mechanics and body repairers who work in the racing industry are able to rake in considerable money. But, even higher salaries are paid to first-line supervisors who are responsible for overseeing crew maintenance. However, the highest salaries in the racing world are drawn by mechanical engineers.

  • Electric Vehicles

One newer field that can be found in the automotive industry is that of electric vehicles. Work relating to these vehicles is highly specialized, which means that you have to have higher education. But, the good news is that the pay is also higher and there are plenty of opportunities available as the industry is in need of engineers from different specialties. You can work as a design engineer and design parts and essentials of vehicles. You can also work as a test engineer and test new designs and processes using test products from companies like Cortek Test Solutions. Whether you are an electronic engineer, software developer, industrial engineer or industrial production manager, you can earn good salaries in this field.

  • Sales Supervisors

The automotive industry has to have salespeople or it wouldn’t be complete. After all, someone has to sell a car to give to an owner. The pay of sales associate can vary because it all depends on the dealership they work at, the compensation structure and the bonus paid out to the associates after making a certain number of sales. The supervisors of these auto sales associates ae paid even higher salaries.

  • Claims Adjusters

Insurance specialists are extremely important in the auto industry because accidents and crashes are likely to occur. Due to their responsibilities, they are paid relatively higher salaries. However, in order to become an auto claims adjuster, you have to undergo at least two years of vocational training and you also need to have some work experience for identifying and estimating the damage to vehicles.

You can apply for any of these jobs to have a good and high-paying career in the automotive industry.