A marketer just doesn’t open a social media account and post anything that comes to mind immediately. Every post should have a purpose.

With proper utilization, social media has numerous advantages to offer your brand.

From uploading engaging content, joining the right communities, incorporating attractive graphics, and even paying to boost and promote your page, social media offers a lot of tools that should be central to your marketing plan. Here’s a quick run-down on how to optimize social media’s marketing potential:

Post Graphics and Videos

From social media’s inception, graphics have always been central to how users communicate with one another. But picture sharing has more benefits than just showing off the big snapper you caught on last week’s fishing trip; it also provides an effective avenue for representing you brand.

In addition to uploading graphics of an elegant brand logo, you can also post pictures and videos of your products being used in real-time. For example, if you have a clothing company, you can use social media as a catalogue for your merchandise. You can also post attractive fliers that feature special offers or new products. Get creative with it – there are many ways graphics and videos can optimize your brand.

Know Your Platforms

Utilizing graphics and videos is not the only type of content you should be posting. Depending on your business, there may actually be better options. For instance, if you want promote your blog, it might serve you better to simply post links to your blog’s most recent posts.

Figuring out which kind of media is most lucrative for promoting your brand should also affect which type of social media platforms you focus on. If pictures and videos are your go-to, platforms like Facebook and Intragram are probably your best bet. If you’re focused on posting links to your business’ main website, Twitter might be a better option.

Strategically Time Your Posts

Email marketing is timed strategically in order to get as many people as possible to open and read your email message. The same things should be done when you upload or share on your social media channel.

Take note that different social media channels have different engagement peaks. Resources like Facebook Insights and Instagram Insights can assist you in determining when peaks occur on each platform, but its best to study your personal page and time posts according to its unique engagement patterns.

Join Communities

Strength comes in numbers. Engaging in social communities will help you reach more people, resulting in more sales and customers. But don’t just go around joining groups for the sake of it. If your brand is about music equipment, it wouldn’t make much sense to engage with a group for bakers. Have a clear idea of who your market is, and join social media communities accordingly.

Buy Advertisements

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with paid advertisements or paying to boost your posts on social media. Traditionally, this is the way to go as it would save time and effort.

Facebook offers its users the option to boost their posts to reach a wider audience through paid ads of this sort. The process is very user-friendly and allows you to customize your target market. Third-party assistance is also available through tools like Vibbi, which offers help in boosting your online presence on Instagram through more views and likes.


As you spend more time promoting your brand through social media, you’ll gradually develop a better feel for its features and how to utilize them most effectively. Just keep in mind that consistency is key, and that success with social media requires ongoing engagement.