Social Media

The social media community is billion populated community. Years before, social media was only for regular individuals. Now, social media has become a business marketing platform. Companies in any part of the world can create a social media account for free and instantly start to share their website as well as other company related items. Once a business achieves the goal of creating a great social media profile for their company, they must then improve their overall social media presence online. Increasing followers, likes, and shares is always key to improve popularity on social media. After having a decent group of followers online, a business must then focus on their social media conversion rates. A social media conversion rate is basically a measurement that tracks how many users go on a companies social media website and then jump on their homepage. Having a high conversion rate will mean great success and interest on social media. Fortune 100 companies all try to increase their conversion rate and they do special social media tricks to ensure that this can be done.

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Increase Social Media Conversion Rate

  1. Gaining Followers. The more followers gained online, the more chances of website clicks there are. Gaining followers can be done be following related follower and using the hashtag system effectively to gain selected followers.
  2. Catchy Phrases. Visitors will click on links that have a very strong and catchy keyword inside. This is a great marketing strategy used by the top marketers. Catchy phrases must be used,but it is also important to keep in mind that they must not ever drift off the main topic. So if your website is for web design, you can use a catchy phrase, but make sure that phrase relates to the article and the article relates to something that is about design. Going off topic will lead you to gathering the wrong followers on your social media platforms and this will decrease the chance of high conversion rates and it will increase the chance of having a large bounce rate on your website in any matter which these follower click on your website.

4.Gif Images. Gif images are known for their ability to move and create a certain motion. Just like a mini movie clip, a GIF image is known to produce interest and curiosity. The combo of these 2 elements will increase the chances of clicks on page.

5.New Posts. If you have an existing follower base, it is important to give your followers something new. With new posts, followers will want to click your post and read the updated content that you have. New post will also increase the chance of gaining new followers online. This is why social media sites that always produce fresh and new content are prone to having a much larger following.