Website Builders

Creating a new website from scratch is easier and quicker than ever. The process has been repeated time and again by so many different developers and users that it has now become possible to simply provide blank templates and easy to use directions to the layman with little or no programming skills. Hence the latest new trend of free website building. If you own a small business with a little budget and would like to build yourself a website, or if you are just a writer interested in sharing your work with the world in a website, there are free options for you to design your website with. Here is a free website builders review that would aid your choice.

Website Builders

Qualities of a good free website builder

1.      Should have simple interface

If the builder is difficult to use or require programming experience, then you probably would not be able to make a website using it yourself. However, most free website builders have easy to use user interfaces that any layman can understand.

 2.      Appropriate Web Hosting

Remember that while a website builder is simply a free template or set of guided interactive pages that in fact make money for companies through advertising on the website, web hosting involves actual assignment of web space and bandwidth. Where hard resources are involved, free is rarely a good option. If you should actually find a good free web hosting option, by all means stick to it. But most free hosting solutions offer substandard website speed and not enough space.

3.      Customizability

You do not want your website to look like thousands of other using the same templates. Hence there is an importance of customizability. The more customizable a webpage, the more it will look unique to the average user, and the more your website will tend to be eye catching. Again, free website builders do not always offer the best possible customisability. Select one that offers the most.

Based on the above mentioned standards of rating, we managed to seclude two top free web building solutions available on the internet. They are listed below for your reference.


This website fulfils all of our criteria of a good website builder. It has hundreds of customizable themes and templates for you to choose from, does not require any experience and is automatically capable of offering search friendly website. Also offers free hosting.

2.      Network Solutions

This one makes the list chiefly because of its excellent online support even for free users. Simply requires a free account for one to get going. They also offer domain name hosting at under a dollar.

 3.      StartToday

This website builder stands apart because of the high customizability of its free web templates and the sheer number of its themes. Using the website is absolutely free and starting work doesn’t even require a credit card detail to be entered. The website offers free shared web hosting for a whole year and charges 99c per month afterwards.