Advertising is essential for every business, no matter what type of products or services it sells. It’s especially important for online businesses because they don’t have brick and mortar locations that people would happen to come across. If you have a business on the Internet, here are four types of advertising that you can use to draw attention to your company.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If your company can afford it, pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising allows you to direct targeted traffic to your website. The traffic is considered targeted because searchers enter keywords in a search engine for what they wish to find. The ads then appear on the search engine results pages and, when they are clicked, searchers are directed to your company’s website.

Before using this type of advertising, you need to become familiar with how it works. Otherwise, you could waste a lot of money learning how not to use it. Another alternative is to work with a digital marketing firm and allow them to manage the online advertising campaigns for your company.

Banner Advertising

Banner ads are similar to billboards in that they use nice images with catchy taglines to draw traffic to your website. They are displayed on other relevant websites to draw customers. So, if your company makes camping equipment, then a banner ad may be placed on a site about fishing or visiting national parks.

However, banner ads usually only draw a small amount of traffic because most people see so many that they are easily overlooked. When banner advertising is used, you usually only pay per impression, which is the number of appearances they make on websites, not how much traffic they generate. As long as the per-impression price is low, this form of advertising can be beneficial for your online business.

Affiliate Marketing

This type of advertising can be an efficient way to increase your sales because the affiliates will do most of the work themselves. Many of them will write articles about your products on their websites or promote them on their social media accounts. When they sell one of your products, whether it is an actual product such as a watch or an informational product such as an e-book, you pay them a commission.

Unfortunately, many website owners are not familiar with affiliate marketing, so it can be difficult to convince people that you will pay commissions for advertising your products on their websites. However, if you can line up some affiliates, it can be profitable for both of you.

Newsletter Ads

This is a straightforward way of advertising your products or services. It involves contacting newsletter editors or owners and asking to place an advertisement in their newsletters. Unless their newsletters are ad-free, no one is going to turn down money and you will be able to reach out to their subscribers to increase sales or awareness of your business.

A digital marketing firm can determine which form of Internet advertising will work best for your business. They will then create a plan, implement it and manage the campaigns.