Most web designers these days do more than just designing the feel and look of the website. In fact, they usually play a major part in writing and designing the front-end code. SEO or search engine optimization is one of the biggest thing that the designer needs to understand as it falls among his core responsibilities to design a website in such a manner that it maintains the SEO perspective of the website.

While SEO is an important part of web designing, there are many web designers who aren’t aware of what SEO means. In order to make a website fully optimized, here are some SEO tips that you should take into account.

  1. The code should be prettier than the design: While you build the front end of your website, you should ensure using a semantic code. When you use descriptive tags to create your pages, the search engines will be able to read and get a better comprehension of the content. The process of styling your website will become clearer and easier. So, pay more attention to the code.
  2. Use your keywords cleverly: Keywords are some of those most important words that describe your content. It is vital for you to place all the keywords in a strategic manner throughout the entire page of the website. Some places where you can insert the keywords are the URL, the title tag and the main heading tags. Although the keywords should also be placed in the middle of the content, in the body of the content, you need not place them too often as this might cause keyword stuffing.
  3. The titles of the page should be unique: Being a web designer, you should be aware of the fact that each page should have a title attribute and each of them should be unique. In case you use the same title for different pages, the search engines will assume that all the pages on your website are on the same subject.
  4. Pay heed to the images: The search engines usually pay a huge attention to the links and therefore when you use linking to some relevant content, you should be sure that it describes the content. For instance, if you wished to tell your readers through a link where they could learn about Photoshop, “read more on Photoshop” would be a better option that just “read more”.
  5. Don’t use Flash: Although you might feel tempted to whip out some attractive drop down effects for the navigation of the website, yet you should not use it. Usually, search engines have trouble reading Flash and this means that the links in the navigation can’t be followed when you use Flash.

Therefore, when you’re someone who doesn’t want to lose the traffic due to website designing mistakes, you may follow the above mentioned tips. If you’re not much aware of the different designing strategies, hire a professional web designer for your website.