Business Event

Marketing a brand at an exhibition requires more than simply setting up a good stall. You will need to create a compelling marketing campaign in the lead up to the event, as well have a post-event advertising strategy as a warm-down and there are lots of things to organise for an exhibition from the banners to the flags and the display screens to the advertising blocks. Good quality feather & teardrop flags work to garner attention to your stand and they are even more effective when used alongside a variety of different banners to decorate your stall.

Here are a few key things to consider when creating a stand for an exhibition:

  • How will you encourage people to visit your stand?
  • What are you promoting?
  • What is your budget?
  • How will you ensure your stall stands out?
  • What marketing materials do you need?

Getting people to visit your stand is just the first part of your job when attending a business event, as you will also need to make sure you remain interesting to your audience once they are in your stall.

This requires you to do the following:

  • Dress appropriately
  • Engage with your audience
  • Hire enough staff to help you to interact
  • Print out flyers and leaflets for your audience to take away
  • Design and print custom made banners and flags to draw people into your stand

Flags are a great way to get people to notice your stall and they can be placed around your stand, as well as on the sides and above. Feather flags often work well outside a venue, as they will promote your brand before people are even inside. Both teardrop and feathered flags are popular at business events for promotional purposes and you will need to think about which flags feature the following:

  • Your company name
  • Your brand logo
  • The name of the product you are promoting
  • A description of the service you are offering

While all of the flags should feature the same colours and font that is synonymous with your brand, you can use each flag to promote something different. Some stands will use flags and banners to lure their audience in by writing a question on the first flag and slowly providing answers as the flags move towards the stand, encouraging people to continue walking to the stall.

Designing an effective stand is really important, so you will need to think about which banners are placed where, how to create a seating area, what lighting you use, where your marketing materials should be found and where you get your staff to stand to greet people as they arrive. Do you want to use some sound or screens to create more attention to your stand and make sure you offer your audience services that they want such as free drinks, wi-fi and takeaway brochures to ensure you cater to their needs and make a memorable impression.