Today SEO has become one of the most famous online marketing strategies that will help you in increasing the value of your business. This will also help in increasing traffic on your site; through this your promotion will much easier. SEO stands for search engine optimization, in this process the ranking of your site is improved which help in attracting more and more customer on your website. For making it effective it is necessary to consider certain things, which will help you in getting best result. But now in order to make SEO more flexible and effective conversion rate optimization (CRO) is also used. However SEO and CRO are both individual terms that help the business owners but in order to make most use of the resource CRO SEO optimization is widely use now days.

How these both can help

Despite being a fact that they are separate optimization there motive is remains the same and that is increase the value and sales of the business.

CRO – the main motive of CRO is to give a maximum profit of return from the investment that has been by the investor or owner. This is also used when the site is get maximum or required amount of traffic but does not attain a maximum profit from it. When this situation has occur then the use of CRO gets very prominent and it makes the use of SEO. Use of CRO in SEO can be divided in two different ways such as –

  • Designers – these designers use CRO in SEO method in order to optimize the website of their client. The purpose of doing is get to get the maximum conversion.
  • Visitors – when visitors visit your website and purchase the product they also help your website by promoting your website to the other users.