We all know it, social media rocks. It’s no longer that platform for needy teenagers either; it’s an essential tool for businesses. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that any establishment that has not devised a social presence is lagging behind their competitors substantially.

Another trick that many businesses miss is that they simply set up their social account, only to think that the work is over. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning and while the creation of an account is obviously a step in the right direction, far more needs to be done for you to beat your rivals.

To reinforce the point we’re trying to make, we’re going to turn to a case study in the form of the Policy Bee social guide. This is a company which didn’t have a gigantic Twitter base by any stretch of the imagination, but through some strategic decisions they were able to increase it significantly. Let’s take a look at some of the steps they followed.


Combined website and Twitter

The first step Policy Bee took involved barely any work at all. By simply linking their existing website with their Twitter account, they gave any visitors the prime chance to tweet and share content to the whole of the network. It’s something any website owner can do and this is one task which will take just minutes of your time.

Acknowledge any retweets

In the art of Twitter etiquette, failing to acknowledge any retweets is a big no-no. Anyone who understands the network knows that retweets are the bread and butter of successful social brands and even if you simply offer a quick thank you message, it will do wonders for your connections. If you can respond in somewhat wider terms than it’s even better; but the main thing, and this is again what Policy Bee found, is to just acknowledge others that have acknowledged you. If nothing else, it will encourage future interaction.

Tap into keyword streams

In another bid to encourage interaction, Policy Bee also took advantage of keyword streams that can be utilised via certain software packages. In short, these send out an alert whenever a particular phrase is mentioned, giving the brand the opportunity to respond in lightning-fast times.

It goes without saying that if your company is the first to respond about a user’s query about a certain topic, the chances of them jumping on your account and becoming a follower increase tremendously.

Harass those new followers

Once you have amassed all your new followers, it’s time to harass them. Well, not quite, but you should be finding out everything you can about them in a bid to reach out at any opportunity. If they seem like an individual who is in tune with your business, naturally, the next step is to follow them. Then, touch base with them just to let them know you’re around. The beauty about Twitter is that it gives even the most corporate entities out there a chance to show a ‘softer’ side with their customers, and this can simply derive in the form of saying ‘Thanks for following us’.

In summary, the message is quite simple – don’t rest on your laurels. Reach out, retweet and just make an effort. It’s the only way that your company’s Twitter explosion will occur – just ask Policy Bee.