Content is King

If you haven’t established your business online with a strong digital presence you’re missing out on some excellent opportunities. What’s more, you’re also putting your business at risk of losing your clients to your competitors, most of whom will have already established a strong digital presence with a website and social media.

Today, it isn’t enough to have a website, as you also need social media accounts and you need to link the content on your website to these accounts. Sharing isn’t just for kids – it’s something everyone does and if you don’t have anything to share, well, you’ll miss out on all the opportunities that everyone else is seizing with both hands. Hence the demand for internet marketing in Brighton.

Search marketing, once proclaimed as the digital equivalent of sliced bread in that it was the best thing ever, has taken a backseat to content marketing. A recent survey by HighFive, a notable Cambridge based internet solutions company, surveyed 400 digital marketers and found that the vast majority – 82 percent to be precise – now favour content marketing over search marketing.

While search is still very important and should not be excluded from any marketer’s digital strategy, content has emerged as the best way to further a business’s branding objectives, connect with consumers, strengthen existing client relationships, and bring their products and services to the attention of the world.

Content is King

Establish your business as an authority … and improve your search rankings

Whatever sector you’re in, you can establish your business as an authority by using content marketing. For example, a pet shop can create insightful, interesting blogs and how-to guides that provide outstanding information about pet care, pet products and basically anything relating to pets.

When done well, this content will be shared among the business’s clients via social media or their website. And it will reach others. Readers will come to trust the opinions and the points made in the content and they will begin to see the business as an authority on all things to do with pets. When they want to learn something, for example, how to clean a fish tank or which fish can be kept together, they won’t start with a Google search, instead, they’ll head straight for that website.

The more people who access their website in search of insightful information, the more hits their website receives and the higher they’ll rank on search engines like Google. This is one of the most prominent reasons why search is taking a backseat to content, because content actually helps search engine rankings, something that many businesses overlook.

Create a buzz around your products and services … and increase sales

Content can also help you to create a buzz around the products and services that you have to offer consumers. The bigger the buzz, the more sales you’ll enjoy. As a result, if you’re looking for ways to promote your business, get more visitors to your website and establish your business as an authority, content really is king.