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Testing new themes and new plugins requires a significant amount of time. At first, you have to bring back the data values to its default such that you can do the test effectively. If you think about reinstallation of WordPress, it will consume a lot of hours to complete the process. In case you want to remove them bit-by-bit, this process will also consume your valuable time. It is often better to reset WordPress and test the site quickly.

Not to mention, this method is developed for developers by professional developers to make the process faster. Now, it is one of the most effective ways to test a number of themes and find out the compatible one. To reset your site, you have to follow these steps-

  • Login to your site using the credentials
  • Select Database Reset option from Tools
  • Choose the database tables that are present in the list
  • Type the below security code, click OK and proceed

Remember that you will also get the option to choose all the tables at a time. In case you want to reset the values of all database tables at once, you can select all. Or else, you have to choose them individually and reset the necessary parameters to reach its default state.

Since it takes a little time to complete, you will be logged out immediately. Once the process gets completed, you will be logged in automatically and return to the WP dashboard. If you want to confirm the process, you can verify by checking the database tables. You can find that all values are set to default as the tables are wiped off. If you have a concern about the security of your site, you can get help of Security Ninja

Most importantly, you must know that you need a few minutes to hours in order to test new themes. During this period, no one can use your site or may not get the full services. If your visitors find it difficult to avail of the services, you might lose the clients. To make the things in your way, you must give importance to coming soon page. It is a helpful tool to represent your site and notify the visitors about the testing process. With this approach, no one gets surprised by the unavailability of the site and its services.

Suppose you have picked a new theme for the website, you can apply the same and make your online presence more appealing. In case you won’t get any compatible theme, you can repeat the steps the very next time. Though there are many WordPress plugins and themes available, you might find it hard to get the best one. You can check out the details of plugins at a repository like TidyRepo and make a choice.

With all these activities, you can set new themes as per your needs. If you want to make the process error-less, you must hire professionals and get their sophisticated services.