Once you have a degree or certification in hand, the next step in your career is to find a job in your field. That can be tricky if you don’t have any experience, but since there is a lot of demand for people in the information technology field, you should be able to find several companies willing to give you a chance. One of the best ways to find a job is to use the services of a professional recruiter.

Using a Recruiter

Although most recruiters work for employers when trying to locate people to fill job openings, you can still find a position through an agency. While you may be approached by a recruiter about a job opening, you can approach an IT recruitment agency and apply for job openings listed on its website. Once they have your resume, they may contact you about other openings as well.

Types of Recruiters

There are three different types of professional recruiters trying to find people to fill job openings at companies. There are:

  • Internal Recruiters
  • External or Contingency Recruiters
  • Temporary Staffing Recruiters


Internal Recruiters

Many recruiters work for corporations and fill the job openings as they come up within their company. They usually work and interview at their employer’s location, although they may go to job fairs or universities to recruit candidates for job openings, especially if they need to hire a significant number of people. They are usually under pressure to hire candidates quickly, as that is how they are evaluated.

External or Contingency Recruiters

These recruiters are ‘hired’ by an employer to help find the best candidates for the job openings that they have available. The recruiter is paid a fee for finding the candidate that gets awarded the job for which they were recruited. The contingency fee the recruiter receives is usually a percentage of the first year’s salary the hired candidate will be paid, and the fee can be as much as 30 percent, if not more. However, there is usually more than one recruiter trying to find candidates for job openings, unless a company has worked with certain recruiting agencies before and had good luck with them.

Temporary Staffing Recruiters

Some recruiters work to fill temporary jobs for a client, although some of these jobs could turn into full-time positions. It can be a good way for someone with little to no experience to find their first professional position or get some experience. The recruiter is paid by the staffing agency they work for, and the employers who use their services pay the agency a fee for helping them locate temporary employees. However, many employers will hire candidates permanently if they like their work.

When you’re looking for a job, don’t hesitate to send your resume to IT recruiters. Although they may not have any current job openings, it may not be long before they have a position come up. Don’t depend on getting a job through a recruiter, but it is an avenue you shouldn’t neglect.