Many writers face the problem of ranking of their articles on the search engines. They face the low ranking of their articles ever time. This is not only the problem of the normal writers even the prolific writers also face these problems, and many of them are safe from these because of the SEO oriented articles. They know the secret of maintaining the ranking of the articles and many of them do not know. They know the secret how to invite or attract the readers to their websites without doing some effort. You can get more information from resultdrivenseo.com.au as they are providing great SEO services in Sydney.

Search engine optimization is the best keypoint to get the traffic which you desire. This helps in maximizing the visibility of the articles in the search result of the search engines. This has change landscape of writing online articles. It is now become very difficult to get the higher ranking of the articles. Even the well written article gets the back seat in today’s so many SEO oriented articles.

 Here are some of the points by adopting these it can give you the best ranking in the result of the search engines.


  1. Writing the eye catching title of the article is the best option. Viewers look on those titles without searching to the content. Keeping it in mind the writer should choose the interesting articles so the users attract to their article.
  2. Creating of more contents helps you to attract the readers to your webpage and this will help you to increase the ranking of your website.
  3. Do not deviate from your topic like if you are writing for some business webpage then do not write the irrelevant information to it.
  4. Write your article within the limit of the words.
  5. Keyword will give your article a good look so always add some keywords to article.
  6. Do not spam the keyword.
  7. Use Meta description to write the article.
  8. Properly populate the tags.
  9. Create your own SEO oriented article.
  10. Use the relevant images to add those in the article.

Also always keep an eye on what is latest. Search engines keep on changing their algorithms so in order to be on top, you have to keep yourself updated. This way no new update could affect your website at all.