Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important factors when it comes to online content. The text available on your website needs to be very user friendly, but it also needs to be “search engine friendly”. Simply put, if the content is not properly optimized, it will not be picked up by search engines. Then, regardless of the efforts you make to write top quality content, your website will not show up in a good place in the SERPs (Search Engine Page Results).

So what are the best tactics &tips to brilliantly optimize your content? Is this a difficult task? Do you need to hire an expert for the job? What does good optimization mean? Just keep reading, and you will get an answer to all these important questions.

You write for people. Then optimize for search engines

You need to understand that your text cannot sound robotic, stuffed with dozens of keywords. This way, nobody will read your content, and search engines are “smart” enough to categorize this content as spam. The best thing you can do is write in a logical, nicely flowing manner, not considering keywords at this point. As you will read the content once again, you will immediately see where these keywords can be placed strategically, without making the content sound too robotic. Place approximately 1 keyword in every 200 words for the best results.

Latent Semantic Indexing- what is it?

Well, search engines use a special algorithm called LSI in order to actually match the search intentions of the user with the actual results. It means if someone searches for “legal services office in New York”, Google will match this phrase with the keyword “lawyer NY” or “attorney New York”. A smart way to naturally optimize your content is to use different variations of your keyword within the text. Use synonyms, similar phrases and words, and this way you will not stuff your entire text with the same repetitive keyword. The search engine will pick up naturally your LSI intent and bring users to your page.

Content Writing for Exceptional SEO

Share knowledge and insight

According to statistics, the top ranking websites in the Google SERP have at least 2,500 words in length. Therefore, it is best towrite truly engaging, in-depth content that will teach the readers important knowledge. Don’t write articles and descriptions that are very shallow. Go deep into the subject matter, analyze everything, and use a friendly tone. Write for the average reader, using nice phrases and don’t allow the reader to become tired of reading your text. Natural optimization is the best you can do for optimum results.

Don’t let your content in “dormant” mood

Many will write long and interesting content, post it on their website and wait for miracles to happen. They won’t happen. You need to take matters into your own hands, and start making that content active and circulating. You want likes, shares and comments. Therefore, start sharing your content through Google+, Facebook, Twitter links or Pinterest. This way, the searchengineswill pick up your content as popular, and you will get a better ranking. It is important to keep that content alive, and give people something to talk about. It really takes just a few clicks…

Rewrite your Title Tag + Meta Description

Even though you have fantastic content, search engines do not rank you higher, and you don’t have too many visitors. It is time to rewrite your title tag with relevant keywords and a natural tone. The title tag is the first thing Google will analyze when it decides to give you this or that ranking. Moreover, the Meta Description is that 20-30 word description (snippet) that appears below your main link in the search engine page results. It’s time to convince your readers that your company is great and different from everything else out there. So create a Meta Description that is indeed intelligent and makes people click!

Structure your content nicely

If you will place a long block of text on your website, nobody will read that. Even if it is fantasticcontent, people will just go away. Online, visitors do what is called “skimming content”. They don’t actually read every word, but jump through the lines, and read only the parts they are most interested in. Categorize your content nicely using bullets, underlines, bold and headings. Let people find quickly what they are looking for, and get a better ranking from the search engines for Organized Content.

You don’t have to be a genius to perform content writing or exceptional SEO. You just need to take your time and analyze all these tips, and then apply them strategically to your content. As long as you provide quality over quantity and ensure to combine creativity with technicality…you will eventually get a good ranking in the SERPs!

If you are still not sure if you’ve done enough, you can always rely on writing services like to order your content. It will be seo optimized and professionally written.