Your website is a hugely important part of your business, and there’s only a tiny percentage of businesses that don’t have a web presence. Therefore, it’s important to utilise this tool to its full potential, and to make sure it’s as engaging and relevant as possible. One way to find out more about how people use your site is through Google Analytics, a tool that shows lots of information about your website that you can then use to make improvements. However, many companies can find this data confusing, so it’s worth doing some research into it first.

What can Google Analytics tell me?

Google records a lot of data about your website, and it’s not just the number of visitors. Some of the things you can find out include:

  • Page views
  • Average time spent on site
  • Percentage of new visits
  • Location of visitors
  • Browsers used

This sort of information is essential for working out how your site can be improved, and what you’re doing right and wrong on your end.

Popular content

One important way that analytical data can be used is seeing what pages on your site are popular. By discovering the kind of content people like, you can tailor your site to bring in the visitors, and keep loyal visitors returning. This kind of information can be complex, which is why many people use a Google Analytics agency to look at the data and make suggestions based on it. This means you can implement simple changes that keep people on your page longer, and ensure you get clicks to the right places.

Traffic sources

Knowing where your traffic comes from means you can work on your marketing strategy, and Google Analytics has this sort of important data. Your traffic could come direct – from people typing in your address or having it in their bookmarks, or it could come from a search engine or referring site. This means there are lots of ways for people to arrive on your site, and knowing how they get there will help you tailor your marketing.

Global statistics

No matter how small your business, being able to attract a global audience is important, as it means so many more potential clients visiting your site. Being able to see where people are visiting from will help you tailor your content, and means you can look into shipping to different areas if the demand is there. If you’re looking for ways to expand, or want to know whether your advertising is reaching a certain market, then it’s worth looking at your Google Analytics and getting an in-depth, global report.

There are many ways your business is advertised, but for modern firms it’s often your website that’s the most important tool. That’s why you need to know that it’s working for you, keeping people engaged and encouraging them to get in touch or place an order. Your website is often the first thing that potential customers see, so it’s worth getting the experts to look at your analytical data, and to advise on improvements that could be made,