Local Directories

There is no doubt that a well-designed website can be a highly effective marketing tool in today’s digital world but unfortunately there are many companies that never go any further than creating a corporate website and so miss out on the vast potential for promotional activities that the Internet has to offer. If you feel that your firm could be doing much more to publicise what it has to offer via online advertising, take a look at the information below on local internet directories and see if you can leverage it to your advantage.

The Power of Local Directories

Far too much emphasis is placed on the global reach of the Internet these days and how it allows the smallest of start-ups to compete with the big boys on a level playing field. Whilst all of this is true, it is also the case that many people use search engines to find local service providers. By creating eye-catching entries in local directories that have moved online, you can make sure that such people are able to find your corporate website very easily. Many towns have digital listings for local service providers, such as the Cairns services guide for the city of the same name in northern Queensland. If you cannot find one for your town or city, the obvious answer is to get together with other local business owners and create one yourself!

Local Directories

The Main Advantages

There are several reasons that integrating online directories into your digital marketing campaign is a good idea, the most important of which are listed below.

  • Increased Exposure – Setting up a website is a good start when putting together an online promotional strategy but you can increase the number of people that get to hear about you exponentially by advertising in local digital directories as well. Each directory entry can include a link to your corporate site, for those who would like further details about the products and services your business has to offer.
  • Focused Marketing – For businesses that depend on local support, directories that cover a single town, city or municipality are a great marketing tool that make it easy to focus on the people that really matter. They allow restaurants, bars and other local hospitality service providers to connect with consumers who are highly likely to use their services in the near future.
  • Building Synergistic Relationships – If you happen to run a wine bar or bistro that is open late, you might find it mutually profitable to team up with a local theatre and advertise your services alongside theirs. This would allow you to appeal to theatre goers who were looking for somewhere that they can have a drink or a bite to eat after watching a play. There are many other examples of synergistic relationships that online listings could facilitate.

However you choose to promote your company, there is no doubt that local online directories have much to offer small business owners looking for cost effective digital marketing opportunities.