When you are trying to run a small business, you might find yourself trying to compete against much larger corporations. It probably doesn’t feel fair to have to compete against the state-of-the-art IT departments of some of these larger corporations, but that is the reality. You have to find a way to carve out a niche in the market for what you offer. In the 21st century, the internet is the best way to accomplish that. You have to build a strong internet presence that uses the size of your company as its advantage. The larger corporations are not able to respond as quickly and as personally to your clients as you are. That’s where you can outpace your competitors, but you need to have the tools to compete. A firm that works with small businesses to create agile businesses is the only solution.



Obviously, you need a website. The website is your home on the internet; it’s where customers will find you. A company such as Siteglide specialises in websites for small businesses. If you’re not in the technology business, you might feel intimidated by the sleek websites of the professionals. With a tech company behind you, though, you will be able to have a website just as professional looking.

Also, those tech companies that design your website will have a tool that allows you to go into the website’s design features to add and remove information. In the best companies, these are designed for the average person to be able to easily navigate and are not designed for professional website designers.


Customer records management is the ability to create a system that organises and records the relevant information from your customers. Depending on your business, this could be emails, addresses, shoe sizes, order histories and so on. It can be anything that customers willingly tell you, are aware that you’re recording, and help your business. These systems should be in-depth and thorough but also easy to use. They should be built for the person who runs your business, not the person who runs the web design business.

Email Marketing

Exactly as the name implies, email marketing is using emails to push your products or services. Designing a system that allows you to email entire lists, schedule your emails to go out at certain times, and to grow as people opt in or opt out can be incredibly difficult. That’s why the very best companies offer email marketing platforms that allow just about anyone to set up professional HTML corporate emails and send them out on a schedule.


Perhaps most importantly, companies such as Siteglide offer 24/7 support. They know you’re not necessarily a technologically minded person, so they offer a team of experts to help you resolve any problems that might arise. You are an expert in the business you’re in so just let the experts in other fields be the experts in their chosen profession. You’re better off focusing on hiring the best team to support you.

A solid internet presence can make or break your company.