Photomontage is best defined as a collage that has the composition of primary photographs and or fragments of photos so as to direct the mind of the viewer towards a specific connection and direction. These photos and or fragments are usually glued on a hard surface such as on a board. This art of photography is used for a number of purposes and reasons such as in making illustrations and giving references. The best thing about photomontage is that it is highly unique and as such it makes it easy to apply different strategies and concepts that make it easy to come up with a high quality photo blend.


Difference between PhotoMontage And Photo-shopping

Most people fail to understand that there is a very distinction between photomontage and image editing. This is due to the reason that in the former, there are usually two sets of photographs that are brought together and combined such that they form one image. In most cases, this method is usually quite unique and is used so as to bring about an illusion of non-existing/unreal objects. On the other hand, image editing through the use of Photoshop tools and applications refers to a situation whereby a single image is taken through a series of editing processes so as to get a unique real image.

Techniques Used In Photomontage

The art of combining images, photomontage mainly involves the combination of different images so as to come up with one that is rather unique and amazing. In most cases this art is used in the production ofdecoration images such as those used in artifacts. In order to effectively achieve this art, it is usually very important that you should understand the techniques and concepts used. The main technique that is used in this concept is the perfect combination of two or more images so as to come up with an amazing andexcellent final image, one that can be extensively used for a number of uses such as in magazines. In addition to this, the concept is used in relying visual messages such as in magazines. Photomontage has received an extremely great appreciation and boost after the introduction of computer software apps such as Adobe Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. This is due to the reason that these apps come with user friendly interfaces that provide strategies of undertaking photomontage.

Photomontage Ethics

Photomontage is usually diversified in that it may contain unique elements that can either be real and or imaginary. However, this concept has been under immense criticism especially in instances where the images are fake/imaginary. For example, in countries such as the United Kingdom, there are numerous laws that provide that the accuracy of images (published) should be observed at all times. This is so as to avoid misleading people with manipulated images that send different signals from the exact situation on the ground. Photomontage ethics provide that as much as there is need to blend together images so as to come up with a different image, it is important to ensure that the image does not give misleading and details that can be interpreted wrongly.

Achieving Efficiency in Photomontage

In order for you to be able to achieve efficiency and great results while working on photomontage, it is important for you to ensure that you are as creative as possible. This enables you to come up with great and unique ideas that you can then apply and be in a position to come up with a unique and amazing image.Creativity is also important in that it helps in bringing about diversity in your work thereby adding on the quality of the resulting image. Having exposure on professional photography is also quite important in that it places you at an amazing and unique position of being able to blend and combine images accurately.

It is important to note that photomontage can also be present in the unique photography phenomenon, scrapbooking. In this phenomenon, a family of images are copied and pasted into scrapbooks. This in turn leads to the creation of decorative items that are used for a number of uses. Therefore, in the present day, photomontage is quite easy to achieve especially with the help of technology and software apps used in photography.