BuddyPress development services are taking a lead in the social media development in the tech-drivenworld. The BuddyPress design service in Dubaiprovides its clients with BuddyPress theme development and BuddyPress design service. BuddyPress is a free software package that easily plugs in to WordPress and it creates amazing social networking websites. BuddyPress comes under a broader spectrum with thousands of free themes and plugins to make your social networking site operate in a unique manner.

Moreover, BuddyPress is a huge social networking library in itself allowing to run the WordPress core.To develop BuddyPress custom theme, any Software development company in Dubai would look for professional BuddyPress developers who can create unique and indulging social networking sites for their customers. All you need is a creative mind that is capable of producing smart results.

BuddyPress Functionality

BuddyPress is a huge plug-in that has numerous functionalities and they are as following:

BuddyPress is a free plugin

It is a known fact that people incline more towards the things which are for free. And here’s a great news for all BuddyPress developers. In contrast to WordPress it’s an open source software and you will never have to pay to download it or use it.

BuddyPress is a social networking system

Social networking systems are considered foremostin the contemporary world where each individual socializes with different people, friends and family. BuddyPress is similar to Facebook in terms of features. We all know that Facebook is a successful social networking website encompassing millions of users.

In a BuddyPress site, users can easily create, update their profile, socialize freely through private messaging, and create groups and forums for discussions, and a lot more.

BuddyPress is a content management system

BuddyPress is also a content management system in contrast with WordPress engine. BuddyPress can easily let you create and update content on your website.

Let us tell you, content plays a key role in a website’s success. If you want to flourish, be it in terms of business or a social networking site you have to make sure to create a strong content to appeal the users.

BuddyPress is extendable with plugins

BuddyPress’s site functionality can be extended with the use of various plugins. There is hundreds of BuddyPress plug-ins available in the plugins directory of BuddyPress and you should definitely try it.

They are compatible with many of the plugins already existing in WordPress. Moreover, you can also build a custom plugin if the functionality you require is not available or offered. We believe customizing your plugins can always have a positive impact on your outcome as its build according to your preferences.

BuddyPress themes

As discussed earlier, BuddyPress is similar to WordPress sites. A users can easily change the user interface of it by changing the layout design upon activating a new theme.

It also has free and premium themes available for BuddyPress. Adding more to it, the best part is, you can also design a custom theme for your BuddyPress website. The custom theme design idea might work well for you if you know what you are trying to depict in your social site.

What you need in a BuddyPress developer

To develop, a BuddyPress website you have to make sure you choose an intelligent developer who is capable of making smart decisions, help you achieve a great design, ensure your site operates smoothly and provide the users with a great user experience. All these factors together can accelerate your website’s popularity among the users and you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity.


Summing up all the factors mentioned above, you should be able to distinguish what is important and what is not. Just like Facebook and Instagram, you can also create a hype with your amazing social media site. Most importantly you can choose the themes, layouts and manage your content easily with BuddyPress plugin. BuddyPress encircles many fantastic features used to create a tremendous outlook of your social networking site and you should try them out.