Do you value the content that is written for your business? If you don’t, then you should. The content that is written for your business is the voice of your business. People reading the words on your website, blog, newsletter, email marketing and social media, will form an impression about your professionalism by what is written.

If you were searching for an impressive venue to book for an event, would you choose to contact the venue who obviously doesn’t care how their marketing content reads or the one who represents themselves with carefully crafted content? I’m sure you would phone the latter because you want your event to be a success with no detail overlooked.

Attention to detail is also the key for great content. Going offshore may get you cheaper content but may also get you a range of marketing problems.

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Here are Six Reasons Why You Should Use Local Content Writers:

  1. Local Knowledge: Local Content Writers understand your market because they live in it every day. A professional content writer will research your service or product and will already know many of your competitors through local advertising. You won’t need to explain the way we buy and sell or our local cultural oddities. We already know it.
  1. Australian English: Would you prefer to read that the service you will receive at a venue is “immaculate” or “attentive”? Using local content writers will minimise the likelihood of jarring word use that screams “Offshore Content” because we generally speak the English that you want your content written in. Don’t cheapen your brand with poor English.
  1. A Real Relationship: That’s right! You can actually pick up the phone and speak to your local content writer. We aren’t hiding behind a big website wall that is only penetrable by email or message. We can chat to you about what your ultimate goal is for your business and we can work with you going forward to perfect your brand marketing message.
  1. Unique Content: Avoid getting lost in the marketing crowd. Using a local content writer assures that you are not going to see your words in another shape or form in somebody else’s marketing. A good writer will find a voice for your brand and will use that voice to communicate through words that are witty, caring, hip, or whatever style suits you.
  1. Value: True are the words, “You get what you pay for”. Some material suppliers offer content that is created by a Spinning Tool which churns generic content cheaply. If you want your brand to impress, then don’t buy thoughtless cheap copy. Writing is a craft that takes thought and time and is an invaluable contributor to your business image.
  1. Accountability: Your business reputation is on the line, so deal with people you can trust. As one of my client’s experienced; don’t send money overseas to individuals you may never hear from again. Deal with content writers who are accountable under Fair Trading and who understand Australian Intellectual Property Laws that protect your brand.

With Google’s current search engine strategy for integrity based ranking, original content has never been more important to get your business noticed. Establish a relationship with a great local content writer. By working together, you can build awareness of your business through creating quality marketing communications that sets you strategically apart from your competitor pack.

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