By 2017, it is estimated that more then 60% of retail sales will be online.  Given that the percentage was much lower even a decade ago, it is amazing to see how much the business world has changed.  As companies all over the world struggle to keep up and stay competitive, the question of whether or not a website is necessary for a company becomes critical.  Lets take a moment to review the reasons why you will need a website for your company.


Companies Need To Adapt

Simply put, the Internet is not going away.  The majority of sales are moving online.  If you do not adapt to this shift in how individuals find and purchase goods, then you are giving yourself a disadvantage compared to your competition.  In addition, you will limit the primary way in which future customers will find you by not having a website.  Because of decreased sales and less exposure, many companies have taken the plunge, moved some sales online, and have made a profit as a result.

A Central Hub For Information

The company website will become the primary way that people learn about your company prior to interacting with you.  For example, many companies have information on job positions as well as hiring.  This allows for prospective employees to get a better sense of what the company stands for, making the application process smoother as a result.  In addition, many news sources will check websites to get a better understanding of what a company does prior to writing a story.  Along with having your philosophy of business, service availability, and contact information, your website will be a central hub where everyone comes to see what your business stands for.

Create A Social Media Presence

In the past few decades, the nature of how individuals decide on a service has changed.  While print and television commercials once played a large role, it has mostly shifted to within relationship recommendations.  To put it simply, people are asking their social network for business recommendations far more then they are going with advertisements.  By creating a website for your company, you take the first step in creating a social media presence around you and your company.  You can freely expand into social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, using their services to spread awareness of what your company does and what services you provide.  With enough time, you can begin building a strong social following that helps spread the word for you.

Don’t Forget Direct Sales

As mentioned at the start, 60% of retail sales will be online by 2017.  Unless you have a sole monopoly in a particular niche, then your competition will be more then happy to take your sales through their own online store.  One of the greatest things a small company can do is to invest in a professional graphic designer and website builder and have them construct a simple, straightforward website that allows you to sell your goods.