Custom Websites

Design the Right Way: Custom Made Websites

The first obstacle to starting an online business is to get the word out about your services. A website will be needed to showcase merchandise and accept payments. You can do...
Web Design

Principles of Web Design

The principles of emphasis, movement, and typography guide the placement and order of elements on your website. The logo and CTA should be the first elements visitors notice, and they should...
Magento Developer

How to Find a Good Magento Developer in the UK

If you are using Magento for your ecommerce site, or if you want to start using it, you will need a Magento developer.  Not only do you want a programmer who...
website Flexibility

Flexibility on your Website is Important

It seems that wherever you go, us humans have been influenced by technology. Everything in our lives is usually governed by shortcuts given to us as our technology has increased and...
Web Designers

4 Tips for Web Designers to Improve Their Content Quality

Honing your talents as a web designer takes a lot of time and effort. So, it often happens that other skills might be a bit underdeveloped.  It only makes sense that...

4 Essential Steps to Developing an Effective Business Website

Gone are the days when business owners relied simply on the word-of-mouth in order for people to learn about their business and get engaged in their brand. Nowadays, traditional marketing is...
Website Builders

The Top Free Website Builders In The Market Right Now

Creating a new website from scratch is easier and quicker than ever. The process has been repeated time and again by so many different developers and users that it has now...

How Siteglide Can Enhance Your Small Business

When you are trying to run a small business, you might find yourself trying to compete against much larger corporations. It probably doesn’t feel fair to have to compete against the...
redesign website

How often should I redesign my website?

Having a new website created for your business isn’t always your business’s cheapest investment and it understandable that small businesses in particular want to maximise the life span of their site....
website design

How To Structure Your Website For Maximum Conversion And Sales

Time and again you might have wondered why some businesses are so well off than their competitive counterparts? Well, they do not have a magic lamp that is assisting them in...

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